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Milbridge Blooms A Redevelopment Project of Gateway Milbridge - $20,000 - $15,000 - $10,000 - $ 5,000 - $ 1,000

What is Milbridge Blooms?

Milbridge Blooms is a redevelopment project of Gateway:Milbridge. Milbridge Blooms consists of a small organization of local volunteers and board members from Gateway:Milbridge working together to enhance the appearance of downtown Milbridge by coordinating beautification projects along the main street through town. Other projects on the horizon include additional ways to enhance downtown Milbridge with the installation of attractive benches, additional flower plantings, vacant lot beautification, and potentially unique and unifying street signs, utility pole enhancements, and other items that can help make Milbridge more attractive while portraying the character and history of our village.

What is Milbridge Blooms doing?

Our initial goal in 2016, was to purchase and establish 20 flower planters along the main street of downtown Milbridge.  Thank you for helping us achieve our goal!  We plan to continue working closely with the town office, residents, and local businesses to maintain the flower planters in order to enhance the attractiveness of our town for our residents and visitors alike.  For the long term, we plan to use the planters for Holiday decorations as well as Spring and Summer flowers each year.

Why is Milbridge Blooms doing this project?

Plants and flowers add to the beauty of any town while also providing proven economic and social benefits to the community.  Milbridge has an abundance of natural beauty surrounding it, and our goal is to help enhance the physical beauty of our downtown area to make it more appealing for residents and visitors alike.

What type of planters will be used?

We purchased 20 wooden flower planters for the initial phase of this project.  Because of the cold, damp climate here in Milbridge, planters made from pressure treated wood appear to offer us the best affordability as well as a good ability to stand up to our cold, freezing winter temperatures while avoiding rot. The planters are 36 inches square and 30 inches high.  The planters are filled with crushed stone on the bottom and planting soil above that. The filled weight of each planter is approximately 800 pounds.  

What type of flowers and plants will be used?

It appears from our research that the best type of flowers/plants to use for low maintenance (prolific blooms, no dead heading, drought resistant, and disease resistant) in our area would be a combination of three specially bred varietals from the company Proven Winners.  This consists of two types of petunias: Supertunia Sliverberry and Supertunia Vista Bubblegum. 

Where will the flower planters be located?

The goal of Milbridge Blooms is to maintain 20 decorative flower planters along the main street through downtown. The planters were placed with the approval of the town manager and property owners. In time, we may add planters at School Street and Bridge Street.    

When were the flower planters put in place?

The initial 20 planters were placed at their locations and filled on the weekend of June 4-5 in 2016 through the efforts of local volunteers who turned out to help with the project.. 

Who will take care of the flower planters?

Watering and maintenance of the flowers and the planters on an on-going basis will be done by Milbridge Blooms in cooperation with local volunteers and area organizations.  We need additional support both from volunteers and financial contributions to help keep the planters filled and maintained this year and in years to come.

How is Milbridge Blooms paying for this project?

This is a privately funded project with funding coming from both individual and corporate tax-deductible donations.  No town funds or taxpayer funds are being used to support the project.  We need everyone's help to continue maintaining the flowers and planters for downtown Milbridge over the long term.  We welcome your tax-deductible donations to help us establish and maintain our projects, and we are looking for additional volunteers to assist us!  

How can people or businesses contribute?

We need your help to make this project a reality!  We have already raised the funds to cover the purchase of the planters!  However, additional donations are needed to complete our goal to locate and fill the planters as well as maintain them this summer season and beyond.  Tax-deductible donations may be made on our website by credit card or PayPal. Visit the donation page on our website at

How can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers to help maintain the planters on a seasonal basis both now and in the years to come. If you think you may be able to help us continue to make Milbridge a more beautiful place to live and visit, please contact us by email at:

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