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Milbridge Blooms A Redevelopment Project of Gateway Milbridge - $20,000 - $15,000 - $10,000 - $ 5,000 - $ 1,000

Research through numerous studies has shown that adding flower plantings to a community provides many benefits both economically and socially.  Economic benefits include increased real estate values, attraction of new businesses, and improved the health of established businesses in a community.  Social benefits include increased civic pride, reduced crime, reduced vandalism, and a sense of improvement in quality of life among residents.

Our plan is to enhance the beauty of our town by maintaining 20 large wooden planters along the main street through downtown Milbridge. Thank you for helping us accomplish this goal! The planters will be planted with flowers from early June until mid-October. The planters will be watered and maintained by volunteers through Milbridge Blooms.   

In early October of each year we will change out the summer flowers to a fall theme. 

After Thanksgiving we will change out the fall decorations to holiday season decorations. 

We hope to have ongoing Spring, Summer. and other seasonal plantings in the planters for many years to come.

Plan Overview